Discover how the Bodegas Campestral project was born

It is very typical and a great topic to say it like this, but it is true that Bodegas Campestral was born from a dream, the Andres’ lifelong dream, owner and director of the project. That dream is to have a country house where you can make your own wine and enjoy it with family and friends.

And that’s how it all began, almost 10 years ago (in 2012) when Andrés acquired the farm “ Meaperritos” (if that is the original name of the farm) and started the most motivating personal project and ambitious of him. It should be said that the first idea was the creation of a private environment to enjoy it with the family and those closest to them, but quickly upon learning that they were vineyards already in the 19th century, Andrés’ entrepreneurial soul envisioned a business opportunity which would combine passion and profession.

The project has a long history

It began with the Andalusian farmhouse part as the basis of the project and the beginning of the development, and in parallel, vineyards were planted in order to start producing good wine as soon as possible. It was later when the rest of the accommodation (traditional Andalusian huts) and the winery and the exterior environment of the entire complex were continued.

As of today in 2021, we have already been able to produce a high quality wine , a wine by artisan production that meets the requirements that we ourselves at Bodegas Campestral have wanted to obtain from the beginning of this project. Therefore, we very much hope that everyone knows our wines and we want to invite you to come to our ecotourism complex to meet us and live the experience with us.

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