How to store wine at home? 5 tips to do it

When buy a wine , they should be taken into account many aspects, such as its place of manufacture, what variety or varietals of grape have been made, when we have in mind to open the bottle after buying it, with whom we are going to share it, among many other factors.

Although we take many things into account when we are going to choose a good bottle of wine , we often forget store it correctly after purchase and that drink that we chose with so much care … ends up being ruined: it loses its essence and characteristic flavors.

Surely the above described has happened to you sometime, right? If so, don’t worry! In Bodegas Campestral we share the best tips and keys that will help you better preserve your wine at home .

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How to properly preserve wine at home?

Correctly storing bottles of wine at home is essential for that the drink arrives at the moment of consumption in perfect condition. Moreover, if you are one of those who buy wine and store them to enjoy them sometime in the future.

What has been said is like this, because if we do not keep the bottle of wine correctly, it may be that when enjoying, sharing and savoring it, you will not find the expected experience and have gone part of its flavors and aromas so special.

So take note of the following 5 items that will help you keep your wines in perfect condition:

  1. Keep wine bottles at the correct temperature : a key factor when properly storing this exquisite fermented grape drink is take care of the ambient temperature in which we store it. Ideally, to prevent the wine from spoiling, is to keep it in an environment that ranges between 12ºC and 16ºC. In addition, you should try to avoid temperature variations in the bottle, so the best thing would be that you keep your wines in those places where it does not vary too much, such as in a cellar or basement, where there is no air conditioning or heating systems. Make a note of this: never keep your wine bottles in the kitchen.
  2. Control the humidity of the environment : as we said, you should store your wine bottle in a corner of the house that is quite cool and where, in addition, the humidity is between 70% and 80% so that the cork does not get wet or dry. This is because if the cork dries up for example, the stopper would shrink and in this way air can enter the bottle and prematurely oxidize the wine. On the other hand, if the stopper gets too wet, mold and mildew can appear, spoiling the drink inside.
  3. Avoid exposing the wine to direct light : another important aspect to take into account is not to keep your bottle of wine in a place where the light reaches it directly, as it ruins it . Ideally, you should store it in dark places so as not to favor the oxidation of the wine and therefore lose its quality.
  4. Keep it away from strong aromas : this is to prevent the aromas and odors of the wine from being altered. You can store your bottle in a ventilated place that, in addition, will help you regulate the humidity of the environment.
  5. Store it in the proper position : this is very important to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wine. Ideally, you should always keep the bottles of still wine in a horizontal position, in this way the cork and the wine are allowed to be in contact all the time. You should also avoid that the wine bottle undergoes very sudden movements or shaking. In the case of Ancestral wines, always keep the bottle in a vertical position, since it does not have a cork stopper and in addition to this, the small sediments that you have will consolidate at the bottom of the bottle.

We hope these tips will help you when storing your wine.

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