Why we use the ancestral methodology to produce our sparkling wines

It may sound very mystical and romantic, but in Bodegas Campestral we believe that if you try hard and try to do good things this will show rewarded in some way and this is how ancestral wines appear in our project.

Andrés, wanted to make artisan wines and with minimal intervention in order to preserve all the possible essence of the wonderful fruit that grows in our land, therefore, he was looking for professionals who had extensive knowledge making this type of wine . Luckily, he met the Gómez brothers, the two winemakers and owners of Bodega Vinify yourself .

The two brothers worked in wineries around the world, New Zealand, Chile, California (USA), and more lares, to later join together and create their own wine project from the land of Cádiz . They are specialized in wines with minimal intervention, using native grapes and making ancestral sparkling wines, among others.

Well, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have been lucky enough to meet these oenologists and discover in detail how sparkling wines are made in their natural state by means of the ancestral methodology.

Ancestral methodology for making wines

The ancestral methodology to make sparkling wines is the oldest and it is with which the first sparkling wines in history were made. We will provide much more information about it in the next blog posts where we will detail more about its history and characteristics.

The ancestral method we loved since it is the only method to make sparkling wines by which nothing is added to the wine, there is no second fermentation in the bottle as in the case of cava and champagne , there is no second fermentation in tank as with the Charmat method and much less talk about adding carbon dioxide to the wine once fermented. The ancestral method consists only of a fermentation that begins in the tank and ends in the bottle. Then it has a few months of rhyme in which the wine is in contact with the lees inside the bottle, which makes it mature and perfect. Finally, the slaughter is made where the lees are extracted (the sediments from the completion of the fermentation in the bottle) in order to make it perfect for consumption.

No type of chemical intervention in wine

In Bodegas Campestral we were fascinated by this methodology because it does not involve any type of chemical intervention in the wine and, in addition, they produce wines with a range of aromatic and flavors that cannot be found in making sparkling wines using other methodologies. This is what we are looking for in our wineries, to achieve a high quality product, very well structured, with many nuances, a lot of fruit, a lot of freshness and that appeals to all palates, from experts and regular wine consumers, to those who rarely they drink wine.

Thanks to this philosophy and this methodology we believe that we have managed to produce sparkling wines that are at the forefront of current consumption trends (drinks with bubbles) , but at the same time, we elaborate a product of great quality and complexity that can satisfy all palates.

Enter and learn about the best wines.

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